Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Daily Story 97: Reading Between the Lines

I'm not sure what to make of this letter. I opened it by accident; it was intended for my neighbor but I haven't seen her in a week and the house looks abandoned. The envelope has the name of a mental hospital rather than a specific return address, and it doesn't come up in a Google search. I wasn't going to read it - let alone post it online - but something in those scribbled crayon words seemed to call out to me, to say that something more was going on here. So, against my better judgment, here you are. Let me know what you think.

My darling Camile,

I want to apologize in advance if this letter is confusing.
I'm on medication that makes me better inside but it seems
every other thing I say is just gibberish. I don't actually
mind though, because it is still helping me a lot so I'll
take my medicine like they want. It's much better this way.
The doctor says you're worried because of our last talk...
I know my phone call was a little crazy - I want to explain.
All the staff here are very nice and take good care of me.
I know I said some things about the doctor being an alien.
I'm sorry about that. Now everything is clear and finally
I am not confused - I know the truth. There is something
very special about this place, and there's always so much
going on here. I wish I could tell you about everything.
There are activities for us every day. For instance, later
this week they will be taking me and a few of the others
on a picnic. It's so relaxing - my bad dreams are gone now,
and they will not be coming back. I know for sure that I'm
getting better here. Before I was paranoid and thought I was
not safe, but now I can see that absolutely everything is
fine, and I don't need to be worried about aliens. I'm not
in danger. There isn't much more time. Pretty soon I'll
have to go to lunch, but I promise I'll write again after I
visit the doctor for my weekly examination and they'll make
me better. I want a salad for lunch today. I hope they make
me one of them. I'm sure they will. I have made a plan, I'll
take it slow and when I'm better we can go on a weekend
escape. You could pack up a bag with my things and leave
with me to a nice hotel! I drew a picture for you but I left
it by the fountain, in the bushes. When you visit, bring a
spare shirt and maybe you can play with us with the water
gun. My time is up now. I love you.