Thursday, March 11, 2010

Story 187: Coming and Going

So, this is the result of a conversation I had with a coworker. He was in a philosophical mood and he pondered this kind of conversation out loud which is always a mistake when I'm in earshot. He was thinking of a face-to-face interaction but that would have been impossibly hard for me to do so I've made it a chat log instead. Hopefully you'll get the joke by the end.


SAOdhner has joined the channel.

MikeS128: Oh... Son of a bitch.

SAOdhner: You okay? Having some problem with that experiment of yours? How's that going?

MikeS128: It's probably nothing. Don't worry about it.

SAOdhner: What?

MikeS128: We're detecting chronotog radiation, which could be screwing with our results.

SAOdhner: So what would cause that?

MikeS128: Hard to say. Every single meter registers the test *before* we start.

SAOdhner: Are you going to be able to get any useful results out of it?

MikeS128: Hell if I know. I should really be working on the experiment right now.

SAOdhner: I should be doing my taxes. Is it better to take the standard deduction, or...?

MikeS128: I don't even want to think about that. Another bad trait I inherited from my dad.

SAOdhner: That and dementia.

MikeS128: Probably. You know, I've tried memory-enhancing herbs and stuff. Hopefully it's just stress?

SAOdhner: Well you need to get more sleep, that's for sure.

MikeS128: I seriously thought today was Thursday rather than Wednesday. It's not normal.

SAOdhner: Hah! We all do that sometimes. Don't worry about it.

MikeS128: Yeah... But this morning I filled out my work reports and now they're not there. Have to do them again.

SAOdhner: Maybe you can take a day off. Are you at least caught up enough for that?

MikeS128: I think. If I see another form I might shoot myself though.

SAOdhner: Have you at least finished the equipment requisitions?

MikeS128: Don't ask me that. You don't want to know.

SAOdhner: That bad? What's the hold up?

MikeS128: I'm buried in work. I won't be able to ask Janine out until next millennium.

SAOdhner: How long has it been since you went on a date? You need to hurry that up.

MikeS128: Yeah. I keep wanting to ask Janine out. She's way better for me than Sasha was anyway.

SAOdhner: Sasha? She was bad news. Good riddance.

MikeS128: I ate better when Sasha was around. Fresh fish rather than frozen fish sticks.

SAOdhner: I'm sorry, did you just say 'fish sticks'?

MikeS128: I need to go shopping. Fish sticks are the only edible things in the house.

SAOdhner: Using the word loosely, of course.

MikeS128: Yeah. Ahh... work all day, eat crap, get three hours of sleep. This is the life.

SAOdhner: You want me to follow your fine example?

MikeS128: Involuntary bachelorhood is great.

SAOdhner: I'm glad you're on chat. I've been meaning to get caught up with you and see how you were but just kept forgetting.

MikeS128: Steve! Long time no talk.

MikeS128 has joined the channel.

SAOdhner: Michael?

SAOdhner: Weird.