Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Story 206: At Least It's Not an Orange

Albert opened his mouth to speak, and found himself at a loss for words.  Something had been there, on the tip of his tongue.  Shrugging, he instead returned to the basics.
"Tell me... what is the meaning of life?"
The Djinn cocked an eyebrow at him and frowned. "Not a problem.  Let me just get my dictionary..."
Albert sighed and put the ornate copper box that had held the Djinn back on the shelf.  "Wait, wait.  Right.  Um... What is... what is the purpose of my life?"
"In the form of a command, please.  I'm not doing this for free."
"Sorry.  Tell me what the purpose of my life is."
"To save your sister from dying in the well, so that she could go on to fulfill her destiny as a great politician."
"But... my sister died."
"Ten years ago."
"That is correct."

"It... it can't really be my purpose anymore then, right?"
The Djinn shrugged.  "Nevertheless, it is so.  There are appeals that can be made, with the right forms and tributes, but honestly things have been a mess for quite some time now."
Albert hesitated only a moment, and then picked the box back up and clutched it tightly.  "Djinn... for my second wish I command you to send me back in time so that I can save my sister."
The Djinn nodded. "An excellent idea, master.  Truly inspired - and noble as well.  Of course, I cannot grant this request."
"Why not?" Albert asked, deflating somewhat.
"You are allotted three wishes, and they have been used up."
"I never!  I only used one wish, just now!"
"Your first wish was of a highly personal nature and against all common sense and some hinting on my part you engaged in a dangerous level of hyperbole.  Once it was granted, you found yourself in deep discomfort.  You then wished that you had never thought of that particular request."
"So... wait... I un-did a wish but it still counts?"
"It does."
"Indeed.  But at least your pants are mended and you can walk properly again."