Monday, May 29, 2017

Story 230: What Hath Man Wrought

As if nature itself was enraged at Dr. Rykloff's experiment, lightning tore through the sky over and over again.  The dome of the laboratory was hammered by waves of rain, making the already featureless landscape fade into even more of a brown and grey blur.

"You're mad!" Clarice yelled, in what was honestly a bit of unnecessary theatrics.  She pulled against her restraints again, accomplishing nothing other than making her wrists sore.  "You can't bring them back!"
"Oh but I can!  I can and I have!"  Rykloff gestured to the large metal cubes at one end of the dome, and as if on cue the doors set into one rattled.  "You and the council... and my lawyer... and... well, a lot of people.  You all say I can't bring them back, can't return a lost species to life.  None of you seem to care about when I brought back rabbits!"
Clarice rolled her eyes.  "Rabbits are different.  These things are responsible for the destruction of our environment!"
"Bah!  So what if they are?  It's ruined now, what difference does it make?"
"But the use of resources..."

"No!"  Rykloff yelled, and threw an oversized switch.  The doors on the cubes started to swing open.  "I'll not hear of your precious resources.  I was there, Clarice!  I was alive back when we could live outside!  You think I don't know what happened?  But I can still remember... and I will have it again."
One by one the great beasts stepped out, larger than any animal living in the sealed colony.  One of them turned a rolling, crazy eye towards Clarice.  "Moo," it said.
"I will have steak again, Clarice."